what are Wudiis?

That's easy: Wudiis are wooden peg dolls locally made from recycled scrap wood. They're meant to be customized by drawing or painting on it. Its form is unique and unlike any existing peg dolls.

What started as an idea for a fundraising project in October 2018 later became an entrepreneurial venture for a mother of four boys. Wudiis became the breathing space from her corporate job as an Art Director and into the simple joys of hand-painting.

A partner crafter of CraftStory Cebu, Wudiis found a niche in the local market. The response is also undeniable in the global scene when Wudiis became a part of GoDaddy's “Icons of Our Tribe” campaign in the summer of 2019. We hope to continue to be a delightful toy for kids and a timeless keepsake for the kids-at-heart.

wudiis from scrap wood

From scrap to super

Do you know that Wudiis come from recycled scrap wood? That means each Wudii has re-earned its value by becoming a product of our creative expression. Cool, huh?


Custom Orders

Surprise your beloved with a Wudiis version of yourselves! Or his or her favorite movie character... Or your pet... Better yet, the whole family wudii-fied!

Let us know what you want!


Bare Wudiis

We're also selling bare Wudiis for your imaginative outbursts! A pair of blank Wudiis comes with a cute drawstring pouch. Also a cool idea for a gift!

Wudii you dare? We know you'd love to!

What's new:

Wudiis® For Baby


What's special about these Wudiis?

They are hand-painted with milk paint — a water-based, non-toxic paint with casein as key ingredient, a protein derived from cow's milk. Sealed with food contact safe and hypoallergenic natural oil, these Wudiis are safe even with a teething* baby around! Then lastly, with zero-waste packaging in mind, Wudiis For Baby are wrapped in 'Furoshiki' style, in soft hand-stamped linen cloth.

We have put so much heart into making these Wudiis. I hope you welcome them to your your warm cozy room with your little ones.

Order a special Wudiis For Baby now!

*We do not recommend Wudiis as teether.




WUDBOX is perfect for little folks who love to play made-up stories. Stimulate imagination and creativity with themed stickers, crayons, 2 hand-painted Wudii characters, and a blank Wudii that they can color or paint on. They can even bring the WUDBOX anywhere with them and packing away is a piece of cake with its sliding cover! 

Have an idea for a WUDBOX? Custom orders are welcome. Just let us know!

Order your custom or bare Wudiis®

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Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do! We are a proud crafter at Makers at Dear Paper.
located at Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug St., Kasambagan, Cebu City

Wudiis DIY Kit


Experience the magic (and mess!) of painting a Wudii with our DIY KIT. Enjoy it with family, friends, or dare to make it your most productive 'me-time' yet! We can deliver it right to your doorstep or to your special someone. Sticker seal tags can be customized with your name or with a special message for gifting!

What you get: 1 large bare Wudii, 2 regular sized bare Wudiis, 3 acrylic paints, 1 paintbrush, 1 Idea Pad, a pencil, stickers, a bookmark, and a step-by-step guide to help you start.

Ready to get messy? Grab your DIY Kit now!

custom wudii is endless!



If you happen to grab our bare D-I-Y wudiis, we'd love to see your creation! Upload them in your Instagram, make sure you follow us, tag us @wearewudiis with the hashtag #wudiiyoudare and we promise a little surprise for you! 

Hi, so my sister left for NYC to work so I gave her two wudiis I painted intending to be her son and I so she can metaphorically take us with her to the States. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this to you I guess it's to let you know your simple little pieces of wood can bring sentiment to people's hearts. So, thank you. "


a #wudiiyoudare story shared by @nicole.borromeo

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